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This post comes a few months late, but during last November '15, I've decided to travel to Korea for a getaway. & here I am to share places I've covered during my 8 days stay in Korea that I believe is worth visiting if you're considering to set foot in this beautiful country. Due to the limited time we had on our hands, we only had the opportunity to put Busan and Jeju Island in our itinerary, leaving us no choice but to save Seoul upon our next visit! Anyways! This post comprised of the places I've visited solely in Busan, while Jeju Island's 'guide' will come next so stay tuned!

I truly love how different countries never fail to intrigue me with what they have to offer and it always excites me to be able to discover and explore beyond the boundaries of my country. Therefore, it has always been a blessing to me to be able to travel! To sum my entire trip up, I thoroughly enjoyed my stay there, from continuously filling our tummies with local delicacies from endless bbq pork, kimchiii, ssiat hotteok - a must try if you're at Busan ), to exploring beautiful destinations!

Below are some of the places to visit in Busan (second largest city after Seoul in Korea):


I'd say this is a must-visit tourist destination in Busan being the first place I recommend to visit! The only reason why I look forward to visiting this place is because I wanted to visit the cliff where there is no barrier to how far you can go out to but bare in mind that it's on your own risk! You can simply take a Danubi Train (다누비열차) which goes to 5 major destinations in the park (Platform > Taejongsa Temple > Observatory > Yeongdo Lighthouse > Gumyeongsa Temple > Taewon Jagal Madang > Platform) which cost KRW 1,500 for an adult. You can also opt to hike all the way up by yourself which was what we did as the train was not in service that day due to the pour earlier. But, I'll suggest you to take the train as it is definitely a looooooong walk with several uphills that is extremely tiresome to walk or you'll end up wasting your time taking pit stops and gasping for air for people who are physically unfit like me haha! We only made the first few stops as our main intention was to visit the cliff side and spent most of our time there.

IMG_2826 copy

IMG_2827 copy
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2. ORYUKDO SKYWALK (오륙도 스카이워크)

One of Busan's popular tourist destination - Oryukdo Skywalk. It's skywalk comes with a transparent floor that give you a sense of walking directly above the sea. We had to queue on our way in, as they limit the number of people at a time to go on the skywalk to secure the glass. No complains though cause it was free afterall! Unfortunately, I didn't get to take a nicer shot of the entire view of the skywalk cause it was too crowded then.

IMG_3309 copy


We only touched the surface of this tourist area knowing that it's one of the recommended places. Gamcheon Culture Village is also known as the 'Santorini of the East' and its famous for its brightly coloured terrace houses spread across the steep hill looking out to the sea. There is an observatory deck located few metres away from the first stop where you can have a bird's eye view of the village with colourful houses. I'd say, I personally am not into cultural/traditional sites, hence, visiting this place once is enough to me.

IMG_3380 copy
IMG_3511 copy
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IMG_3530 copy
IMG_3565 copy


Korea's largest seafood market. If you're into learning a thing or two about the local market atmosphere where fresh seafood is aplenty there, then you should have this place added to your to-visit place. Just a few metres away from the indoor market, there you have a view of the entire view of the port and its bustling port activities.IMG_1648

IMG_1673 copy

IMG_1644 copy


If you'd like to have a glimpse of the entire Busan City then you've gotta visit this place. Busan Tower is located inside Yongdusan Park. We decided to forgo entering Busan Tower and just admire it from where we were at as it was a little cloudy that day, hence going up would be a waste of time and money. After all, there's a platform that already allowed us to have a great view of Busan!
Entry fee:
Age 16 or more - 4,000 won
Below 15 years - 3,500 won



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