Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Mufti Day @ Garden International School.

Overnight at Esther's place & went for Mufti Day @ Garden International School since Esther invited me there the following morning! It was a sunny sunny day that day. Mufti Day is something like our school's carnival but their school's carnival is definitely much more enjoyable I would say. But she told me this year's games weren't that interesting compared to the other years. I didn't really get the opportunity to play those interesting games, just spend money on food drinks food drinks and sissy and I played one really lame game for the sake of using up our money. Well I did, is just that I was shy to play hahaha and I wanted someone to accompany me but esther was busy helping out selling in her stall. She brought us around and we practically visited almost every corner of the school, well not really. Wanted to try the games out but in the end I just kept shooting of little kids, I just enjoy taking photos of them. Definitely had a great time that day with the girls! 

Now here are some pictures, just a few. 

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