Saturday, June 2, 2012

In the room

Took these pictures with tripod so the picture didn't really turn out as good. I'm not good at using tripod, I honestly wish I can duplicate myself into two as I want to be both the one who takes the picture & the one who is in the picture.
IMG_5251   IMG_5271IMG_5269    IMG_5284  IMG_5302 IMG_5310 IMG_5377IMG_5379  IMG_5265IMG_5339-1  IMG_5348-2IMG_5352-2


  1. OMG lovee everything here ! <3 love all your clothes and the color of your photos ! so soft .

  2. Just stumbled across your blog via Instagram. You take such BEAUTIFUL photos! x

  3. @ Cheyenne Hehe thanks love xo

  4. @Kityi aw thank you so much girl <3

  5. @ Sunny Sweet Pea Aw, thank you so much loveee! Appreciate it a whole lot <3


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