Wednesday, July 10, 2013

the Shorea 'one forest, one resort'

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Filled my holiday with endless schedule just to make sure I make full use of everyday, instead of just complaining everyday at home on how boring it is and then regretting later on when college commences. I had a back to back getaway and it was indeed a trip to unwind and get away from reality, which was what we really need once in a while. I went to Singapore first and then to The Shorea, Seremban with a few of my coursemates. It took us approximately 1 &1/2 hour or more to arrive at the destination as it is located a little deep inside in a deserted location.

We stood at Villa Bougainvillea which fits around 5-6 people & there are 3 other villas excluding the ones we stood at. Resorts in a forest location will never be top on my list for a stay as creepy crawlies that appears late at night will always be my biggest fear. On a bright note, rather than living in the typical concrete forest, it was a great escapade to experience mother nature.

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photo 5-7We made our own meal
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  1. Hello there! How do you produce such creamy-look photos? Is there any extra settings to be done of the Dslr? Look forward to hearing from you soon! Thanks there. (:


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