Monday, July 1, 2013

To the south, Singapore

TO SINGAPORE with my godsisters.

The haze was so so bad last week that we've been tracking on the psi in Singapore & keeping our fingers crossed, hoping that our trip to Singapore will not be canceled. The condition of haze worsen here in M'sia & the trip to Singapore was close to being canceled but thank God, it wasn't too late when we received a call that there were clear skies in Singapore. Got our luggage ready and off we go!!

It was a 4 days 3 nights trip & more of a shopping+eating trip. There's no pictures from the first day as it was quite late the moment we reached but we went on to have dinner @ the famous Boon Tong Kee Chicken Rice shop! No doubt as it's really really sumptuous. 

Day #2 - @ Orchard

photo 1-1
photo 2-3
photo 3-3
photo 1-3
photo 4-2
photo 4
photo 3-1
photo 5
photo 2-1

@ stationary shop with super pretty stationaries which are pretty much overprice.
photo 1-2
photo 5-1

There is time for everything
photo 3-2
photo 4-1

Outfit - picture from phone ( Lace top + White highwaisted shorts + round daisy sunnies)

Dinner @ Pepperoni Pizzeria - Never in my life have I eaten such humongous pizza but sadly I did not took a picture of it using the camera. (If you follow me on twitter you would've seen it)

Some really good desserts
Chocolate cake +ice cream
photo 5-2

Tiramisu Cake
photo 2-2

Crème Brûléephoto 2-6

Will continue the next two days tomorrow, do come back for more.

Much love, x

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