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Reliving memories of Mamee with Nuffnang

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31/5/2014 - Sunny Saturday at the world heritage city, Malacca. Paid a visit to the Mamee Factory for an exclusive preview and Mamee House with the other nuffnang bloggers arranged by Nuffnang.

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Here's a brief description about Mamee Chef & how did it came about:
MAMEE CHEF, Dato' Chef Ismail, a reowned celebrity, who is the man behind the success for Mamee Chef is well known for his expertise in the Malay cuisine. He  collaborated alongside with Mamee-Double Decker to create the original recipe and flavor intend to represent Malaysia. His aim is to simply ensure that the flavors and taste were similar to what Malaysians always have at home. It's been a year of excitement for both Mamee Double-Decker and Mamee Chef as they were granted several awards such as Mamee Chef Curry Laksa was rated the Top 10 Best Instant Noodles in the World for 2014


A demonstration by La Mien Sifu on the making of La Mien. What made Mamee Chef's noodle special  is because it can be handmade and also of the springy texture of noodle. Not only that, Mamee company had also invested a large sum of money on the machines which has the capability to produce noodles of the same texture that are handmade. 


The ingredients that are to be blended and mix with the paste to earn the yummy taste and scent!

In the event itself, there was also an appearance of the founder of Mamee, Datuk Pang Chin Hin. Whenever I see such successful entrepreneur, I'v always wondered how did they managed to really go this far, how is it like to be well-known for their overnight success? which makes me hope that I'm one of them. All these while I never knew Mamee really originate from 'Mummy' & with mummy, that became the core concept of the brand which I personally thought was a brilliant idea to begin with.


A tour to the factory of the making of Mamee noodles and Mamee junks from atop.

Then, to the very well known, Jonker Street to visit the Mamee House, the sole outlet in the whole of Malaysia.  It consists of an array of Mamee snacks and souvenirs and also a cosy cafe located inside which offers some of Malacca's delicacies such as chicken rice ball (halal), cendol and so on.



And the final part of the itinerary - Customizing of our very own Mamee Cup 
We were given the opportunity to 'design' our own Mamee cup (basically more of just colouring) and watch the process of having the Mamee sealed up closed which was somewhat interesting. Surely a place to go for little kids who loves Mamee! 

1. Place the cup into the slot
2. Choose 4 choices of condiments (such as prawns, bite-sized tofu, vegetables, shiitake mushrooms and so on)
3. Lidding wrapping
4. Shrink wrapping


& I have my own 'personalized' Mamee Cup hahah!

This simply marks the end of the trip to Malacca for a day trip. Surely a day well spent & heartiest thanks to Nuffnang for giving me this opportunity to visit Mamee.

Address: No. 46 & 48, Jalan Hang Jebat, 75200, Melaka
Contact No: 06-2867666
For further information-
Visit their Facebook page-

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