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The long wait is finally over!

If you haven't already know, on the 1st of Feb, Sephora recently announced the greatest news for all you beauty and make up enthusiast as Sephora is officially online in Malaysia! For those of you who knew of, they have now been rebranded to Sephora! Now that it is available online, shopping experience with Sephora is made easier as many of the biggest international beauty brand can now be shipped directly to your doorstep without having to make a trip down to a brick-and-mortar store! Sephora definitely deserves an applause for its assortment of beauty products and many well-known make up brands from Urban Decay, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Peter Thomas Roth, Tarte, 3CE in which they just brought in recently and many more brands to come; not all brands are available online (yet)! Hence, more reason for you to splurge now. Time for you to start filling up your virtual basket!

I have to say I've never felt more excited looking forward to my surprise package from the lovely team of Sephora, which I originally thought was from Luxola when they contacted me!! But now that Luxola dropped this big news regarding the transition from Luxola to Sephora, I am truly more than thankful for this opportunity to be able to collaborate with such a big brand name.

Below are some of the products I've received from Sephora:


Sephora Pro Brushes
Below are some make-up brushes Sephora gifted me! Not to mention, they even added a personalized touch for all brushes with my name engraved on it! That got me screaming about cause who doesn't love it when things are personalized?!

Foundation Brush // Winged Liner eyeliner brush // Shadow brush // Angled Contour Brush



Lip and Cheek Dual Pencil (Mystic - darker shade) & (Whisper - lighter shade)
One of my favourites out from the parcel! It has an extra creamy texture where it acts as a lip liner, lip colour and cheek cream that is "all-in-one"! This make up stix provides a nude look that is ideal for your everyday make up look! It comes with an eco-packaged collectible tin with convenient large mirror and a sharpener added in it!

If you're wearing on your lip: Simply outline then fill in the full lip! There's no harm blending both colours to have a different look!
Or if you're wearing it as a blusher: Apply it on the apples of your cheeks and blend with your fingers to ensure to achieve an even outcome.

The shade I'm wearing in the picture below is Mystic and have yet to try out the Whisper shade!





Nudestix Magnetic Eye Colour
Everyone loves 'em! Below is the Nudestix Magnetic Eye Colour in Immortal (darker shade) and Gilt (lighter shade).
Tried them on and I instantly fell in love with its easy-to-blend function that is long-wearing and ideal for oily lids. I personally prefer a lighter/simple make up look, hence, I definitely foresee myself wearing them often!





Enamored Hi-Shine Gloss Lip Lacquer Lipgloss
If you're one who prefer lipstick that shines, this is an ideal lipgloss for you! It comes with a mint-scent that features it's creamy pink shade that gives a lush look!


Alpha-H Liquid Gold 50ml
I've yet to try this face product as I'm really cautious when it comes to trying anything that has to be applied on my face frequently to achieve a result. If anyone has ever tried this, comment below your point of view, I'd like to know! According to Sephora, this is one of their best seller and I'm pretty sure this product does wonders based on the number of reviews on it!

Details about the product:
- Has natural ingredients in it which work like an overnight facial to revitalize tired, ageing skin and radically improve the skin's complexion
- Prevents and removes wrinkles, pigmentation and sun damage



Shopping with Sephora is now 24/7!

Hence, to all you Sephora fans out there, hop over to to shop for your long desired Sephora picks. Simply purchase above MYR 80 and you're entitled to free delivery which takes 5 to 6 business days to have your parcel arrive at your doorstep! For more details, visit!

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