Tuesday, September 26, 2017

The mountain at the heart of Innsbruck, Austria

Nordekette; Jewel of the Alps

Stroll through the city of Innsbruck, look up, and there you are, surrounded by the peaks of Nordekette mountains; truly the kind of view I'd long to wake up to every morning. It was only till the very last minute that we decided to have Innsbruck added to our itinerary and this place definitely did not disappoint despite spending minimal time there. We booked a car through Blablacar, a ride sharing service catered for long journey and headed to Innsbruck from Salzburg for a day trip (it was priced at a decent rate so if you're ever looking for a long distance ride, this service serve as a trusted option!

The mountain at the heart of Innsbruck can be reached in just few minutes from the city centre of Innsbruck that provides you with a 360degree view of the alps that left me breathless. We took the furnicular up to Hungerburg, Seegrube and lastly Hafeleker, which lies at an impressive 7,401 ft that  offers a spectacular vista that left me a lasting impression. It was truly a magical moment when I got to witness one of the best sunset up at the peak of Nordekette before we took the last ride down back to the city centre. I'd say it was worth the suffer in the cold just to capture the very last moment of the sunset and watching the sky gradually transitioning from pastel tone to pitch darkness. See it for yourself from the visuals down below!

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