Friday, November 9, 2012

Preview - cotton clouds

Just a blend I did of my cotton clouds series + beautiful castle (source -pinterest) + unicorn (source -pinterest) x

Will be uploading my cotton clouds set of shoot real soon.
Just a slight bit about what's happening recently - I've been really tied up with my major examination this year & I'm half way through with a few more papers to go. Oh & I just graduated from highschool not too long ago...signs of growing old. And not to mention, I'm stepping into my twenties in a few years time. Greater challenges awaits when you grow older, not really something I'm looking forward to. Never knew this day would come by with just a glance, I'm really sure I'm going to miss the good ol' days a lot. And the next thing up is to really think of what course i should take up as it will determine my future  and that's when where everyone starts moving on with different path. Anyhow by the end of exam, I'll be able to settle down  & try to update this blog frequently with more shoots. Hopefully i'll be filled with an imaginative mind. In search for 'model' for my pictures, anyone willing? ( Just for fun)



  1. You're so good at editing, can't wait to see your new set :) Oh and good luck for your remaining papers!

  2. Yernie - aw thank you so much & you for being so thoughtful. Appreciate it x


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