Saturday, December 22, 2012

Purity in darkness

Ever since I’m done with my major examination my December had been packed with all sorts of schedules that I’ve never even had the chance to chill & get tucked in bed the whole day, literally. I’ve been really tied up with trips after trips, outing after outings with lots of catching up & not to mention even had a meet up session with a Singapore photographer. It was definitely a great experience to have a photoshoot with the really lovely, Fiona Sng, a Singaporean photographer we met on instagram. It was one thrilling moment when Cheyenne told me about this shoot Fiona wanted to have together because I’ve never ever done this before & I knew it was gonna be really fun & exciting. And true enough, we enjoyed ourselves even if it’s just our first time meeting up, from anonymous to a friend. We met up last Monday & had tea at TWG, Pavilion. No doubt, she’s a really friendly & down to earth girl & I simply love the way she giggles that was somehow infectious that made us laugh along too.
Planned on our shoot & had this badass shoot featuring the gorgeous, Jia Ni. Time wasn’t on our side plus the weather wasn’t really cooperating that day that we were only destined for one set of shoot. On a bright note, we still managed to shoot some pictures although we were all drenched when a sudden pour came.

I'm still not really good with my editing skills & I'm still working on it.

IMG_0342IMG_0337IMG_0360   IMG_0339IMG_0274    IMG_0330IMG_0395(2)IMG_0315(2)IMG_0378 IMG_0404IMG_0344          IMG_0255

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