Monday, December 24, 2012

For better or for worse

12-12-12 ; Well, uncle initiated on having  his friend(main photographer) & myself to shoot for his wedding so I agreed on it since he knew I’ve always wanted to do this. Since this was my first ever wedding shoot, I was quite nervous on not being able to produce pictures that meet his expectations & was keeping high hopes hoping that the pictures would turn out great. And through my personal experience, being a photographer isn’t that easy as you think as it takes up a whole lot of patience, sweat & what not, having to bare the blazing sun with no shelter provided. But thankfully, the sun glare was tolerable that day.

Quite happy with the result of some pictures but I only chose out some pictures that I feel comfortable of posting here so there’s only a few of them :)


Here’s a cake my aunt baked herself & I spent the day by helping her out with making the flower fondant. It’s definitely easier than expected & it’s really fun too.

IMG_0125(2)    IMG_0010(2) IMG_0021(2)  IMG_9667(2) IMG_9412(2)

It’s Christmas Eve today, which means the much awaited time of the year is tomorrow. The term Christmas clearly tells what Christmas it’s all about. It’s nothing about santa, but Christ himself. Wishing all you readers a blessed Christmas eve & Christmas, share the love & cherish your loved ones before you loose them one day as it’s just a matter of time when death takes place.

With lots of love, x


  1. Love those pictures! Your aunt is so great, the cake is super awesome! xx

  2. Mandy Faith - thanks you so much Mandy, at least I know someone still love my pictures, you're so thoughtful x

  3. I really love these wedding photos!!!! (: I see the potential in you to be a wedding photog my dear! <: Such nice and meticulous details captured. Love the tones too!

  4. Fiona Sng- omg thank you so much Fiona!!!!! That mean the world to me, I wish I can be one day but I just don't know how and am really clueless on how to begin :(

  5. Anonymous - thank you so much darling, appreciate it so very much x


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