Monday, January 7, 2013

Welcome 2013


Here’s an impromptu shoot done recently over the week when my girls came over to my place to chill & they themselves initiated on having a shoot. Model featuring Jia Ni, she insisted on not having her face taken so there’s no face shot here. This was one day before she left for national service & I hope she’s doing well over there. Take care pretty girl x

Welcome 2013, a new chapter to continue my unwritten journey of life.

L I F E – Life itself pretty much sums up everything. 2013 will be a year of getting exposed to new environment. Basically a year of meeting new friends, starting on a new journey, full stop for highschool, the begin of college life. I’m not up for all these changes yet.. just as much as I wish time to stop at this point I’ll have to accept the fact that things wont go according to your will eventually.

 IMG_0516(2) IMG_0544(2)IMG_0600(2)




IMG_0579(2)    IMG_0609(2)



  1. Love these photos so much! The tone is perfect :) <3

  2. Beautiful! Somehow I feel that it's so.. Innocent?!

  3. Cheyenne - Thanks babe vvv much, appreciate it as always xxx

  4. Mandy Faith - Thanks mandy!!! This brings greater confidence to me to take more shots, you're so lovely xx

  5. Wen Yee - Thanks babe!!! Nothing's better than a good comment from your girlf <3 xx

  6. How do you actually take pictures with this soft colour tone? Do you edit them or? Lovely and amazing I must say.

  7. Anonymous - You made my day with this. So grateful to receive comments like this so thank you!!! Well, it's basically cause of my whole room's colour blend that gave my room a soft tone. & well yeah, i do edit a little too to brightens up the colour.

    1. The soft tone gives the whole image a little of foggy feeling but yet it brings up each and every single tiny detail of the image. Loving it so much! But well, what about when you are shooting outdoor? The colour tones are very much different from how your room have, how did you edit it to make it as if you are shooting in your 'room'?

    2. You feel that my outdoor pics are soft too? I soften and lighten it then add just a little pink shade towards it :)


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