Wednesday, February 13, 2013


Pretty dolly book from Jia Wei 
Spikes bracelet from Singapore
Jeffrey Campbell inspired litas from agape boutique
 Captured by - my sister

First off, GONG XI FA CAI! here’s to a prosperous & joyous Chinese new year to all my lovely readers who are celebrating Chinese New Year. May you be filled with lots of ang paus and also lots of joy, fun and laughter!! CNY is all about reuniting back with the relatives, going back to our various hometown. But that’s an exception for me. This year hasn’t been that fun filled but it’s still good so far. Hoping to receive more ang paus hehehe!!

Definitely took me long to settle on a shoot with my sister. She's ever busy with her schedules & work load that she could rarely find time to have photoshoots together with me. & my only option was to have her as my photographer since I couldn't find a model myself. Here’s an outfit post on the 3rd day of CNY.
By the park


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  1. You are so pretty! Looking good in bangs :) Wish I could achieve the dreamy tone in your pictures hehe <3

  2. Mandy Faith - aw thank you so much Mandy!!! You really made my day again! You can you can, you're so good with photoshop.


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