Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Fall, Tokyo ジャパン

IMG_9179 IMG_9105
Mid november '13 {fall, early winter}

Its already entering into a new year & I'm only about to begin summarizing on my last vacation. Blame the laziness that took over me.

Another fall getaway for 6D5N but this time to a very much developed country I've always wanted to set my feet on, Tokyo, Japan. Japan may not top the list on the countries to visit in my bucket list but the excitement rose within me even before departing and getting lost in the land of adventures. I must admit, I am impressed with every bit of Japan, the friendliness and very well-manered behavior of the Japanese, the cleanliness of every corner of the city, and not forgetting the sumptuous sushis shashimis and what nots, nothing about it that brought me dissatisfaction. One thing for sure, I'll be back.

To be able to witness one of the top landmarks, Mount Fuji, it was still a golden opportunity, even if it was just another plain mediocre mountain. The view itself was pleasant to look at and thankfully the weather was on our side.

IMG_8879 @ Japan's zoo IMG_8565 IMG_8471 IMG_8404 IMG_8338 IMG_9186 IMG_9322 IMG_9172 IMG_9160 IMG_8761 IMG_8757 IMG_8741 IMG_9518 IMG_9476 IMG_8820 IMG_8902 IMG_8693 IMG_8696 IMG_7874 IMG_8014 IMG_7999 IMG_7953 IMG_7972 IMG_8040 @ Takeshita street; what I claim as a fashion street that is always sardine packed. I love how everyone have the guts the put on uniquely looking clothing (cosplay outfit) without having to care about what other's have in mind about them. IMG_8049 @ the well-known shibuya zebra crossing IMG_8125


  1. Wow you finally updated! I've been waiting for so long. :') Really wish you'd post more of these beautiful photos. <3 I don't know how you do it. Would you mind sharing some tips and secrets sometime? :)
    Please do visit my blog if you feel like it too; Thank youu!

    1. Hello dear, i'm glad someone is actually still reading my blog. Thank you so much for the compliment, such a kind heart :) Tbh, I barely edit my photos, i only adjust the lighting and for some pictures i add a little pink tint to it!


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