Saturday, August 9, 2014

A take away of macaroons

photo 4
Les Duex Garcons

I'm not really a sweet tooth but I surely have a certain affection towards macaroons. I've always admired how these macaroons have the ability of appearing so flawlessly photogenic in pictures. Featuring pistachio, rose & early grey in the pictures only because I chose the ones of which I find are in the prettiest shade & not because it taste fairly good! Chocolate is by far the best to my liking & I still prefer the ones I tried at whisk (salted caramel) which are cheaper and nicer!

I got myself a box of 6 which cost you MYR 30. Or a box of 12 could also be your option which is MYR 55. They make macaroon tower that are delicately crafted as well for any occasion!

From iPhone-

photo 3

photo 2

photo 1 Located at 36, Jalan Telawi, Bangsar, KL, 59100
Contact for bookings: 03-2284 7833

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