Sunday, March 1, 2015

February: CNY


Simple outfit for first day of CNY 

As usual, a little late but here's me wishing you a prosperous and joyous lunar new year! (especially to my readers, if there's any hahaha). I guess it is part of growing up where all these festive seasons aren't as exciting as it had been anymore but it is through these times where we were granted the opportunity to gather together with our loved ones and relatives!

Why I love CNY:
1. A reason to shop for more new clothes! (Unfortunately, this time round I didn't had my serious shopping spree. It is either me or the recent apparels in the malls seem rather unattractive to me. Plus it's either I found something which I really really loved but comes in a size of XXL or others are just plain boring.)

2. Like everyone else, ANGPAUS (that bright red packet where everyone secretly longed for, the greater the value in it, the happier we are hehe)

3. CNY cookies (No doubt, my aunt makes the best) + Bah gua


Simple full outfit look

February's affair!
Love my simple nail art design though the lady chipped my nails off too much!


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  1. is it ur DIY nail art? that's so cute as ur lovely dress, i luv pastel color as well


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