Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Baan Laimai, Phuket


Check-in to the land of Phuket, Thailand.

This impromptu trip was all planned out only a week before as it was to date that we realized that both sister and I had our short break. Above picture was our homely stay for the last 2 days, Baan Laimai and it is ideally situated in the heart of Patong (almost the most happening place in town) which is absolutely convenient in every aspect. It is located directly opposite the 3.5km Patong beach that runs the entire length of Patong's west side, 5 mins walk away from Bangla road (for those who has the blood of a nightlife, that's the place to go), with a whole stretch of mini stalls for you to roam around (food, beachwear, & a whole lot of counterfeit goods etc.). There couldn't have been a more ideal resort to be situated in. Since Phuket is one of the famous tourist spots, the options for resorts are aplenty!

One thing for sure, I highly recommend Baan Laimai if you're in search for a place to stay for your short vacation.



View from our room (lucky us we got upgraded to a room with a poolside view)

Went over to The Orchid Restaurant just a few streets away from our resort for lunch. (No pictures cause I didn't want to ruin the flow of my pictures oops) A place you can consider going if you're hunting for some Thai food.

Later on, we headed to Patong Beach! Unfortunately, we were welcomed with a gloomy atmosphere which gives a dull portrayal to the beach but the weather that day was on point to lay by the beachside. True that you can't have the best of both worlds. Well, that immediately killed my mood and I doubted the remark by mummy of how beautiful patong beach was and not until the second day, everything was beyond my perception (Stay tuned for that in the next post)

Coconut - Thailand's necessity.

Dinner @ The Sweet Restaurant (extremely crowded that night)

Top right - Massaman curry beef
Top left - Basil leaves pork (love this)
Bottom right - Deep fried prawns
Bottom left - Fried ice cream from one of the food stall (originated from Phuket itself. Not the best but worth the try)

Stay tuned for my upcoming post with more pictures to fill your dull day after i'm done scrutinizing the nicer pictures! You can say I'm laziest when it comes to that, hence the constant delay.

Thank you for reading, x

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