Thursday, November 3, 2016


Holla! First post from the UK!
If you haven't already know, I'm currently pursuing my final year degree in Bristol, United Kingdom! It's approaching the 3rd month since I got here and I have to say I'm loving every bit of it so far. Not that I don't miss Malaysia, but the UK is treating me well & I'm truly grateful that I made my choice to further my studies here!!! Life update ends for now.

I recently just received a surprise parcel from the lovely team over at Romwe and below are some pictures on how I styled it. It's not everyday where you get to wear shorts over here and as soon as I saw the temperature at only 16degrees, I knew I had to bring my new bodysuit out to play. You have to agree with me that bodysuits are to die for, they're so easy to be worn alongside with your everyday high waisted shorts! With this fall weather, simply throw over a leather jacket, top it up with your everyday ankle boots & you're good to go for a casual day out. Perfect day for the perfect outfit! Best part of all, this bodysuit is on sales now and it does not even cost much! Go check it out with the link down below / for other cheap yet affordable outfits!

Love what I'm wearing? You can get it here!
Bodysuit from Romwe

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