Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Just Eat: Free food tailored to your specific face-mapped emotions @ Bristol!

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Last Saturday, I was invited to an experiential foodie event specially organised by Just Eat at Anchor Square; near Bristol Harbourside. If you haven't already know, Just Eat is UK's leading food delivery service which acts as an intermediary between over 20000+ restaurants and customers.

During the event itself, free food from an array of local Just Eat restaurant partners were given out based specifically on your emotions through E-A-T (Emotion Analysis Technology), it's very first trial in Bristol. I decided to give it a go with the face-mapping technology and the result of my mood was 'ANGRY' then hahaha, & I honestly have no idea why I've gotten that myself! Or maybe, I really was in a tad angry mode in the earlier bit of the day(idk?!) Anyhow, I was then given a prescribed meal that was able to enhance/improve my mood - Vegetarian but I opted for yummy mash + sausage instead, can never say no to them (all smiles)!

Cuisines being served include Mexican, Jamaican, English, Mediterranean, vegetarian and desserts. If you're wondering which are the few restaurants that were involved in the showcase - they are some of Bristol's eateries - Zest Mediterranean Cuisine, Cafe Conscious, Viva La Mexicana, Miller Green, The Roaster Homemade British Food and Coco’s Gelato & Desserts. Check them out if you have the opportunity x

All in all, it's a pretty unique concept with the Emotion Analysis Technology which helps in determining the food that will suit your current state of mind! Tired of thinking what to eat all the time? Let the technology do the job! 

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