Friday, March 24, 2017

Citizen M London Bankside Hotel Review

Last month, I went down to London for the weekend and this time around, I stayed at Citizen M London Bankside Hotel, just behind the Tate Modern, a 2 minute walk away from the Southbank. Even before you enter the building, its exterior speaks of one funky and coool hotel, with huge sign hanging outside which states "Another World is Possible" and a wooden square entrance which is lit up in red. The hotel group pride themselves in creating an affordable and luxury experience for their customers; with rooms starting from £109 (a pretty decent pricing considering it is in London). If you're looking for hotel elsewhere, they also have them over in Amsterdam, Glasgow, New York, Paris & Rotterdam!

I love how everything is so functional whereby check in can be done virtually via the the computers (worry not, ambassadors are there to help you out if you've encounter any problem) - quick & seamless which literally only take seconds and you can then make your way up to your room! Don't go rushing to your room and check out the surrounding of the hotel which are decked out with quirky furniture, ornaments and statement artwork! You'll love it if you're one whose fond of all things quirky in bold colours!

There is also a destination bar which serves cocktails (lucky us we were granted 2 free drinks as we enter), beers, and canteenM, a small shop style area which operates 24 hours! As we enter our room, we were then greeted with an extremely comfy XL king size bed, with free wifi, a fridge filled with free goodies (what's not to love about that?)

I'll definitely be returning if there's an opportunity and I'd have no hesitation in recommending; make sure you bookmark this place for your next London hotel stay! 

For more information: visit Citizen M London Bankside
I was offered a discounted rate in exchange for a review, but all opinions are my own.

Everything in your Citizen M room is controlled with an Ipad - from the lights, to the temperature, tv, blinds, literally everything. What fascinates me most was the mood lighting. The mood lighting was such a fun to play with, and also included a colour wheel to choose whatever colour you wanted aside from the prefixes. Not to mention, there's also free on demand movies, loads of radio stations, tv channel - everything you need if all you ever wanted that day was to have a laid back night. Simply select the movie mode, it'll then automatically closes the blinds, blacks out the room and puts you on the movies menu.

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