Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Slipping into Spring - Woodzee

In collaboration with Woodzee.

Meet Woodzee. Founded in California, a brand that combines the element of style and nature which can be seen in my Palms Wood Yachtmaster Sunglasses as seen above. They boast an array of sunglasses crafted from wood or bamboo in oversized, wayferer, cat-eye and more, hover around $65 to $110 price range; worry not, you'll be sure to find yourself a cute pair of glasses with their wide offering. Of course, what sets apart their company from others is definitely their commitment to sustainability and earth! Woodzee truly believes in recycling as much material as possible. If you want a change/replace your sunglasses, you can send in your Woodzee product and they will recycle it for you! Plus, they'll offer 40%off your next Woodzee product. What's not to love about that?! {For every pair you purchase, they'll plant a tree} The more reason you should support and check them out!

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